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Accounting Solutions With +Impact Business Accounting Software


This software has been developed over 20years in the DOS environment and now in Windows. The client base of small and medium sized businesses have contributed over the years to establish the structure of the software. This has resulted in a product that is nicely rounded and business owners and staff are happy to work with.

In the background Jonathan has been carefully developing the accounting side of the product to capture the journals into a fully integrated ledger. There are many fail safe features developed to ensure a reliable set of journals for generating P&L and Balance sheet reports.

Accountants and Business Consultants

Most successful businesses utilize the services of their accountant and/or business consultants to ensure the successful implementation of systems including the accounting and business software.
We are more than happy to assist anyone in these roles who require assistance or training in the use of these products. As a qualified accountant with an employment history including auditing and accounting in corporate NZ, Jonathan now acts as consultant for businesses using the software to improve their financial recording  and reporting.

Accounting Services

For those businesses who dont utilise a regular accountant or business consultant, Jonathan can provide full accounting services for your business. This may include GST, IRD, PAYE etc functions.


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